Emutec Inc

EmuTec based in Everett, WA, is a leading supplier of memory, JTAG, and BDM emulators with trace for test and development of embedded systems. It offers a full range of emulators such as PROMJet, DebugJet, and TraceJet for PC and UNIX workstations that connect via printer port and Ethernet, and are fully integrated with industry-standard debuggers. EmuTec offers industry-leading solutions for debugging and testing of embedded systems and internet-enabled devices. Our Jet family of JTAG/BDM and memory emulators with trace and event-management capabilities offers high end features at a very competitive price


PROMJet is an advanced memory emulator that replaces the FLASH memory of the system under development. It allows the user to directly load, modify and view target emulation memory. The ICE option allows the emulation memory to be accessed while the target is running (dual-ported functionality). This can be used to implement a host-target communication channel. PLCC, TSOP, PSOP and BGA memory footprints are supported. Host support is available for Windows, Linux and Unix via printer port or Ethernet.


DebugJet is an advanced multi-protocol development tool for embedded systems. It connects to any host system via Ethernet. Target connection is done via JTAG, BDM or ROM/FLASH socket. DebugJet has an advanced 32-level event system with trace capabilities. It is fully integrated with industry-leading debuggers.


TraceJet is a plug-in card for DebugJet. It is used to collect trace information from any CPU with a trace port.