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    Thursday, 24th June 2021


    3.30 PM IST

    Planned duration

    1 Hour + QA


    Sachin Punyani, Business Development Lead AI-ML, AWS
    Vinay Chousalkar, Businesses Development Lead Education, AWS
    Organizer and MC: Bhooshan Iyer, Vice President, ESS

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    ESS & AWS are conducting an AI-ML webinar campaign to support Indian Academia through AWS 5-in-a-Box. This webinar series will help demystify & transform the way colleges teach, learn & administer cloud based AI-ML Labs with little zero upfront investments using 5-in-a-Box. This webinar is designed for all higher education institutes who are offering or plan to offer courses in AI/ML.

    For more information contact :

    5-in-a-Box Sales Team
    Phone: (91) 80 6764 8835/36
    Mobile: (91) 98860 80011/ 91086 32174

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