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EV Testing? Test with the BEST! - EA Elektro-Automatik Bidirectional Regenerative Power Supplies

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ISC and EA Elektro-Automatik welcome you to this webinar on EA Elektro-Automatik's cutting-edge DC Bidirectional programmable power supplies and regenerative electronic loads that have been serving automotive applications worldwide with testing solutions for

  • Energy Storage (Batteries, Fuel Cells)
  • Vehicles (PHEV, BEV, FCEV) for ground, sea and air
  • Power Conversion (DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC)

This webinar will also shed more light on the exciting new launch of EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BT 20000 range of triple-output battery testers! The EA-BT 20000 battery testers can simultaneously test three batteries, thus accelerating test rates compared to instruments with a single output.

Furthermore, the webinar will discuss how the EA-PSB 10000 programmable power supply improves testing as per the German LV123 Automotive Standard.

Date 7th Sept 2023, Thursday
Time 3.30 PM - 4.30 PM IST
Planned Duration 45 minutes, followed by Q&A
Hosts Experts from EA Elektro-Automatik, Germany

All-In-One DC Power Supply with Electronic Load

EA-PSB 10000, EA-PSI 10000, EA-ELR 10000: Highest Power Density in the smallest footprint

Conventional or Bidirectional Power Supplies and Electronic Loads with Energy Recovery

  • Energy Storage (Batteries, Fuel Cells)
  • Vehicles (PHEV, BEV, FCEV) for ground, sea and air
  • Power Conversion (DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC)

Upto 1.92MW in a rack system

Three Channel Automated Battery Testing Solution

EA-BT 20000 Battery Tester with Triple Output

Integrated solution 2-quadrant devices for charging and discharging of battery cells, modules or packs

Regenerative: Save energy costs

  • Energy recovery with an efficiency of up to over than 96 %.
  • Significant savings of kilowatt hours
  • No conversion of energy into heat / No cost-intensive air conditioning
  • Fast amortization of the EA-BT 20000 units

Interface and control flexibility: For automated testing

  • Software EA-Power Control and EA-Battery Simulator
  • For configuration and test procedure without programming language
  • Via connection with PC or programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Two operating modes: SCPI commands for program control from a PC/ModBus    commands for program control from a PLC
  • Flexible communication interfaces: Gbit Ethernet, ProfiNet, CAN-FD, or EtherCAT

Autoranging: Flexible output levels

  • Wide voltage, current and power range
  • For a wider field of operation than conventional battery testers

Safety Sense: Test Safely

  • 2nd sense input for
    • detection of wrong battery polarity
    • or detection of accidently swapped cell fixtures
  • Galvanically isolated share bus for parallel operation
  • Master-slave bus for parallel operation

Ideally Suited for Testing

Battery Packs
Battery Cells
Fuel Cells
EV Charging Systems
HV Inverter
On-board Chargers
HV Fuses

Wide range of applications

For testing & simulating:

  • Battery systems for electromobility and renewable energy sources
  • Fuel cells for mobile, portable and stationary applications
  • Photovoltaics for solar energy

Automotive Test Standards

  • LV 123
  • ISO 16750-2
  • VW-80300

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