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    NVMe Power and Reset Testing with SANBlaze

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    Date and Time : 8 October 2020, Thursday, 3.30 PM – 4.30 PM IST
    Planned duration : 40-45 minutes, followed by Q&A
    Hosts : Experts from SANBlaze Technology Inc., USA

    Join us for this free webinar on October 8, 2020 and learn about SANBlaze Technology Solution for NVMe Power & Reset Testing

    SBExpress-RM4(RackmountGen4) Test System and LTSSM Power State Monitoring

    The SANBlaze SBExpress full feature set provides a unique set of functions applicable in all aspects of a product lifecycle; from development to design validation to test and QA. The ability to drive NVMe SSDs with a wide range of configurable attributes provides engineers with a flexible, scalable tool to simulate real world workload and failure cases. Development, qualification, and certification test cycles can be highly automated, thus reducing overall test time, and rapidly surfacing errors to deliver quality products on time.

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    Electro Systems Associates Pvt Ltd.
    Sanblaze - Sales Team

    Mobile: (91) 98860 80011/ 91086 32174
    Landline No.: (91) 80 6764 8835/36

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