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    New SerialTek PCIe/NVMe Debug Solutions – EDSFF and PCIe Cable Interposers

  • SerialTek PCIe/NVMe Debug Solutions

    Date: 05th February, 2021

    Date and Time: 11 Feb 2021, Thursday, 11.00 AM (India time), 1.30 PM (Singapore time)
    Planned duration: 40-45 minutes, followed by Q&A
    Hosts: Electro Systems Associates, India
    Speakers: Experts from SerialTek, USA

    This webinar will present the latest SerialTek’s, two new SI-Fi™ interposers for EDSFF E1.S, E1.L, E3.S and for PCIe cable form factors, including OCuLink (SFF-8611), MiniSAS-HD (SFF-8674), and SlimSAS (SFF-8654). These new PCIe interposers represent an innovative approach using new modular “interposer pods”, making it easy to analyze different form factors and quickly change setups, and reduce costs.

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