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  • TRACE32® adds support for NXP’s new S32K3 MCU family for automotive and industrial

    Date: 19th Nov, 2021

  • TRACE32 now provides full support for all members of the NXP S32K3 family in single-core, multi-core, and lockstep configurations supporting up to ASIL D.

    S32K3 MCUs are designed for automotive applications such as body electronics, battery management systems and emerging zonal and domain control ECUs and incorporate advanced safety and connectivity features to facilitate efficient and secure over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Enabling this is a Hardware Security Engine (HSE) that supports AES-128/192/256, RSA and ECC encryption with secure key storage, secure boot, and side-channel protection functions. TRACE32 tools support the HSE and provide complete debugging and trace capability for all the S32K3 MCU's cores.

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    TRACE32 full supportS32 NXP Family

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