The ESA GP8-XP is a PC's parallel-port-based gang programmer. It features 8 pcs fully isolated 48-pin ZIF sockets, extremely high throughput, standard 5V and 3V chip support, device insertion and continuity check. With PC-based design the device update through software gives customer more flexible and quick access to the new chip support. The ESA GP8-XP supports EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH in the introduction. Future software update will include 87C5x, 89C5x , and PIC16Cxx microprocessor. The ESA GP8-XP has flexible design. If customer has special chips that not in our standard support list, we provide a special program that allow the ESA GP8-XP become a customize special chip production gang programmer.


ESA IUP-UXP is an advanced version of our earlier model ESA IUP-XP, which works through a PC’s parallel port & USB port. It features a 48 pin universal pin driver and an expandable TTL pin driver. It supports over 7000 devices including PAL, GAL, CEPAL, EPLD, PEEL, MAX, MACH, PLSI, EPROM, MPU /MCU etc. ESA IUPUXP works in various operating systems, Windows 9x/NT/2000 and XP.

ESA IUP-UXP Device Support List

Device Support List of ESA IUP-UXP.


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