Inline Capture and Protocol Analyzer

The Aukua Inline Capture and Protocol Analyzer provides visibility, validation, monitoring and debug analysis capabilities for R&D, Test and Network Support engineers building and deploying Ethernet based IT, storage networking and communications systems.

  • Inline packet capture, L1 (PCS layer) bit capture, protocol analysis, and latency monitoring analyzer
  • Supports 10MbE to 25GbE rates including the first to support IEEE 802.3bz 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T Ethernet
  • First and only inline analyzer to support native copper 10GBASE-T! No need for troublesome media converters!
  • Now supporting Automotive Ethernet visibility, packet capture and impairments!
  • Low latency inline (pass-through) operation

Aukua Network Impairment Emulator

Aukua Ethernet Network Impairment Emulators, also called WAN Emulators, are used by our customers to precisely recreate the delay, congestion, and packet or link impairments found in all real-world data and storage networks. Aukua Network Impairment Emulators are easy to use, provide a repeatable test methodology and directly help reduce risk and avoid business interruptions.

  • Validate voice, video, mobile, gaming or data application performance under real-world network delay and congestion scenarios.
  • Accurately predict end user experience before deploying a new cloud based service or migrating or relocating a datacenter.
  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) by realistically reproducing production network issues in the lab.
  • Validate device and system functionality with a wide variety of repeatable negative testing scenarios.
  • Supports 10M to 25GbE rates including the first and only to support IEEE 802.3bz 2.5G/5GBASE-T and Automotive Ethernet

Aukua Traffic Generator and Analyzer

The Aukua Ethernet Traffic Generator is an easy to use purpose-built Ethernet test system for R&D, Test and Support engineers for stressing, validating, troubleshooting and debugging.

  • First 10M, 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G, 10G, 25G Multigigabit Ethernet capable traffic generator and analyzer
  • Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT), Throughput testing and Latency measurement or monitoring
  • PCAP Player enables precise playback of any pcap file with time-based bandwidth control
  • Impairment jamming for functional and performance validation under real-world scenarios
  • Supports testing of Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) or IEEE802.3az capable devices.

Fibre Channel and Ethernet SAN Delay Emulator

Aukua Fibre Channel and Ethernet SAN Delay Emulators, also referred to as distance emulators or distance simulators, are used by our customers to precisely recreate the delay and impairments found in real-world Storage Area Networks (SAN). Aukua SAN Delay Emulators provide a simple, repeatable test methodology which directly helps reduce risk, avoid business interruptions, and improve business critical application performance.

  • Simplifies proving disaster recovery plans against real-world scenarios in your lab.
  • Supports both Fibre Channel and Ethernet interfaces up to 32GFC and 25GbE respectively
  • Validate business continuity plans, data replication and synchronization capabilities.
  • Evaluate the impact on application performance when migrating to the cloud or distributed storage systems
  • Enables realistic Proof-of-Concept (PoC) testing of new generation solutions and technologies
  • Provides a faster troubleshooting methodology of post-deployment issues

Aukua Latency Monitor Analyzer

Aukua's new Latency Monitoring Analyzer directly but passively measures the latency experienced by live application traffic.

Aukua Latency Monitor Analyzer

  • An out-of-band or passive approach to measuring network packet latency
  • Measures one-way latency of each and every packet of interest
  • Powerful filtering technology allows you to target specific devices, applications, or packet sizes for latency analysis
  • A much more accurate and direct way to verify the latency your application packets are experiencing
  • Other powerful features of the Inline Capture And Protocol Analyzer include line rate packet capturing and custom real-time bandwidth statistics with graphical analysis