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Trace Features


  • Trace Sinks
  • Filter and Trigger
  • Debugging
  • Cache Analysis
  • Profiling
  • Code Coverage
  • Energy Profiling
Trace Features

Trace Sinks

  • Support for all common on-chip trace buffers
  • Trace memory within a TRACE32® Debug & Trace Tool with a fixed size (128 MByte up to 4 GByte) for off-chip trace ports
  • TRACE32® Debug & Trace Tool allows streaming of the trace information to a file on the host computer whilst it is being recorded. This provides the capability to use trace memory buffers of to up to 1 T Frames.
  • Real-time processing of streamed trace information provides virtually infinite trace (ETMv3 and PTM only)

Trace Filter and Trigger

  • Sample only the specified event
  • Sample the complete program flow and the specified data event
  • Switch the sampling to the trace buffer on/off after a specified event occurred

Trace Filter and Trigger

Trace-based Debugging (CTS)

  • Allows re-debuggging of a traced program section
  • Provides forward and backward debugging capabilities
  • High-level language trace display including all local variables
  • Timing and function nesting display
  • Has the ability to fill most trace gaps caused by the limited bandwidth of trace port

Trace-based Cache Analysis

  • Basic support for all microcontrollers
  • Advanced support for ARM architecture
  • Optimize instruction and data cache usage
  • Find bus transfer bottlenecks
  • Verify effects of code optimisation
  • Simulate effects of different cache sizes
  • Various graphical and numerical displays
Trace-based Cache Analysis

Trace-based Profiling

  • Detailed analysis of function run-times
  • Detailed analysis of task run-times and state
  • Graphical analysis of variable values over the time
  • Analysis of the time interval of a single event (e.g. Interrupt)
  • Analysis of the time interval between 2 defined events

Trace-based Code Coverage

  • Real-time code coverage without instrumentation
  • Suitable for long-term testing
  • Support for all common code coverage metrics
  • Automated report generation
  • Full support of multicore chips
Trace-based Code Coverage

Energy Profiling

  • Find the program part causing the highest energy consumption
  • Locate unexpected power peaks
  • Check if power-saving modes are used efficiently
  • Current and voltage measurement with TRACE32® Mixed Signal Probe or TRACE32® Analog Probe
  • Time correlation with TRACE32® trace tools PowerTrace, CombiProbe, MicroTrace
  • Energy statistics on function and task level