TOELLNER offers electronic test and measuring equipment of maximum quality since 1972. In addition to the world‘s most prestigious vehicle and aircraft constructers, almost all system suppliers of these sectors use TOELLNER products. Furthermore, our equipment and systems are encountered in the development and research fields of industries and universities and in all IT, automation and general electronics sectors. Test systems and equipment for normative test requirements of many industries are one of our prominent characteristics (e.g. LV 124 / LV 148 / VW 80000-1 / VW 82148). With an excellent price/performance ratio, TOELLNER measuring instruments are exported to 46 countries worldwide. Electro Systems Associates, ESA India, provide a direct contact to our customers and thus guarantee the high availability of TOELLNER products. All instruments exhibit properties which distinguish them from the rest. Technicians will be particularly impressed by the exceptional features. Ingenuity in detail – finishing and assembly carried out perfectly by hand –unparalleled precision of mechanics and electronics – always abreast with technical developments. All TOELLNER products are guaranteed for 24 months. We can provide this extensive guarantee because each instrument is produced to stringent quality and safety standards. The VDE 0411 and IEC 348 safety regulations are complied with; all devices have of course been assigned the CE symbol.


Industries, Automotive, Research, Aviation, Aerospace, Railways, IT Sector, Automation, Photovoltaics, Laser, Particle Accelerator, General Electronics.

Laboratory Power Supplies

  • Electronic Switches - to 60 V/100 A -  rise/fall time < 500 ns
  • LF Isolation Transformer 100 A DC
Electronic Switches

  • 4-Quadrant Amplifiers
  • 4-Quadrant Power Supplies - 160 W to 3200 W source and sink power - DC to 100 kHz/400 kHz
  • Broadband Amplifiers - DC to 5 MHz - up to 63 W output power
4-Quadrant Amplifiers

Arbitrary Function Generators

Function Generators

  • WaveControl Software for Waveform Generation
WaveControl Software for Waveform Generation